Build the validated MVP
and launch it

This service is for those who need to get a ready-made solution as scheduled.

We start working on your project with analytics: we study competitors, describe portraits of the target audience and create a prototype of future product. We form a team of specialists, determine the sequence of stages and tasks.

The development process of 1 or 2 week stages (sprints), at the end of every stage carries out a demonstration of results. Every day, your project manager sends a report on the progress of the team for today and plans for the next day. Even if a team consists of 10 specialists, you can only interact with the manager.

Once launched, you receive all copyright and project documentation.

Working with us, you get:

  • a controllable development process
  • daily progress updates
  • QA testing
  • UX/UI design
  • direct communication with the developer
  • a personal manager

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  • Scoperty

    A web-service for renting and selling real estate in Germany

  • Shypple

    A shipping booking and real-time track & trace system

  • Upside

    The first business travel booking site that allows you to book hotels and tickets

Other services

  • Outstaffing developers

    • Vue.js
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Node.js
    • Laravel
    • ReactJS
    • Python
    • NGINX
    • Flutter
    • AngularJS
    • Java
    • MongoDB
    • Django
  • Fullstack development

    • Front end
    • Management
    • Back end
    • Quality assurance
    • UI design

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