The implementation of MVP for DNA health test kits


Vitagene allows you to first learn about your ancestry, and then, based on your DNA and family history, as well as your lifestyle and goals, create lasting change in your life with a personalized diet, exercise, and supplementation action plans.

Task on the project

An extensive team of our full-stack specialists participated in the implementation of MVP for this service.

For this service, we implemented

  • dedicated AWS environment;

  • architecture and functionality of the marketplace, with the integration of payments via Stripe;

  • integration with AWS services;

  • the user's dashboard, which is a personalized dashboard where the user can track all information about themselves based on the tests performed.

Project image

Project results

We helped the client implement and launch the MVP for his project, which later allowed us to successfully bring the project to a new level


verified positive feedbacks about the service.

Thousands of users shared their success stories after using Vitagen's DNA Testing.

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Artem Sapuga

Artem Sapuga

Head of development department

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Developer x2
QA Specialist​
QA Specialist​
Project Manager
Project Manager

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