An online service for the charity organization SOS Lapsikylä


Unelmista.fi is a platform that helps families to unite, provides support for children and adolescents in difficult life situations, allowing every child of school age to have a hobby. The organization allows low-income families to receive financial support for the child's self-realization. The site unites those who need financial assistance and are interested in children having their own hobby.

Task on the project

To complete all the front-end tasks on the project: authorization, authentication of donors, and needy Clients, restoring access via Email.

For this service, we implemented

  • adaptive layout: display news stored on the organization's WordPress portal, parsing links to go;

  • a list of available hobbies/activities, display detailed information about a hobby;

  • documents to confirm the application for a request for funds;

  • introduction of account details through Payment-highway;

  • a possibility for making a donation to a region, displaying a map of Finland with the labels of the selected region

Project image

Project results

Unelmista.fi becomes a part of SOS Children's Village's operations and its development has been financed with Veikkaus' income.

Families from 5 biggest cities in Finland have the opportunity to apply for support

Among the donors are many worldwide famous brands: H&M, IKEA, UPM, Radisson Blu and etc

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