A web-service for renting and selling real estate in Germany

Scoperty contains offers for sale and estimates the value of objects that are not yet offered. The front-end of the service is built using Angular.io, the main tool of the user is the map. Our team customized the Google Maps map and implemented it into the project, the logic of cluster rendering is integrated to the map. Each cluster is a specific area of a specific city in Germany with the display of the borders of the cluster and the number of real estate objects in it. This data is automatically updated for each zoom level of the map. At maximum zoom level, polygons which display the borders of real land area with real estate in it are drawn instead of clusters. As the backend technology we've used Django + AWS Cognito.

Task on the project

To develop the client part as part of the MVP, after launch, during the growth and expansion of the startup.

For this service, we implemented

  • clusters and polygons drawing on Google maps;

  • dynamic changes of data on the map in accordance with the selected zoom level and filter;

  • a user profile;

  • the real-time chat;

  • authorization and user registration with AWS Cognito service integration.

Project image

Project results

1,3 Million

The service base contains more than 1.3 million residential properties in Munich.

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Artem Sapuga

Artem Sapuga

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Systems Architect

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