A mobile and web-service that helps bloggers to find their audience, then motivate and inspire that audience to make changes in their lives


The platform allows the presenters and authors of courses to create training modules and workshops, and then monetize their work. Our client’s idea was to give influencers the opportunity to generate income regardless of the size of their audience, so that everyone can start creating their own unique and useful content. Access to a growing subscriber base and profits from users who buy subscriptions can motivate influencers to continue producing quality content, with their subscribers then taking the actions that make influencers special. All of the above is brought to life in Routinr. The work of a previous development team caused delays and provided an unsatisfactory result. The selected stack was JavaScript / React Native / React.js

Task on the project

To fix the project’s technical shortcomings and to add and refine new functionality.

For this service, we implemented

  • the registration and entry of new users via social networks and mail;

  • a convenient function for searching the service’s content;

  • in-app payment for access to courses and subscriptions;

  • in-app passing of lessons and courses;

  • functional notifications that remind the user of upcoming activities;

  • analytics using services such as Segment, Google Analytics and Amplitude;

  • payments implemented in accordance with the payment-processing rules that apply on the App Store and Google Play platforms;

  • functionality that allows users to upload stock photos under the Unsplash license when creating posts and routines.

Project image

Client feedback

  • Great work from these guys and their team as per usual.

    William Bakhos

    Founder at Routinr Pty Ltd

Project results

Routinr app is now available on the App Store and Google Play

Since December 2019, the number of Routinr users has almost tripled, growing from 1358 people to 3715. This has allowed the client to not only recoup their development costs but to make a profit and thereby maintain and develop the application

Also since December 2019, the number of trainers and presenters on the app has increased from 72 people to 255, in turn helping to increase the application’s user base

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