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The first business travel booking site

Our team participated in the development of two services for Upside Travel: the main booking service and the support service. The development has started with a pilot version of the main hotel and airline reservation service. The task was to set up a process for quick releases and enable the marketing team to test the right amount of hypotheses every week. The selected stack was Node.js + AngularJS. During the subsequent development of the application's beta version, the state-ready ReactJS library was added. The online support service is implemented using ReactJS and Node.js. The project code is covered with Mocha tests to ensure the stability of releases and the absence of critical bugs

What was done

Our task was to develop a service for booking hotels, airline tickets, and cars, and an online customer support service.

For the service we have implemented:

  •  alpha / beta versions of the main site
  •  architecture of customer support service
  •  customer support service
  •  the ability to contact support through call, mail, and chat
  •  live chat with support
  •  algorithm of optimal flight calculation
  •  algorithm of search for the best hotel location based on trip parameters

Users have the ability to:

  • book a ticket, hotel or rent a car;
  •  plan the whole trip
  •  receive instant notifications about changes to the reservation directly to the phone;
  •  find the lowest prices, the best flight times and the most comfortable hotels;
  •  contact support 24/7

The team

2 Backend Developers

2 Frontend Developers

2 FullStack Developers

1 Project Manager

1 System Architect

2 QA specialists

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