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Shipping booking and real-time track & trace system

The goal of the project is to provide customers of the Dutch logistics company with the ability to quickly and conveniently track the delivery of goods by sea abroad. The Shypple service has become a solution to this challenge, it allows to search, compare, order and manage foreign delivery options. The system also gives an opportunity for a deeper understanding of the cost of delivery. The front-end part of the web application is developed using Typescript + React.js, back-end uses Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL.
The service is a single-page application (SPA). Another task was to implement a marketing website with basic information about the company, the popular CMS Wordpress has become the solution to this.

What was done

Development of service for freight shipping ordering and tracking. 

we have implemented:

  • search and selection of contractors;
  • cargo tracking on the map;
  • Drift-chat for each order;
  • preparation of supporting documents;
  • marketing website.

Users have the ability to:

  • choose potential performers;
  • search and compare delivery options;
  • track the status of cargo transportation;
  • fill out all the necessary documentation online;
  • chat with the contractor about each order separately.

The team

2 Backend Developers

2 FullStack Developers

1 Project Manager

1 System Architect

1 QA specialist

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