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Service for renting and selling real estate in Germany

Everyone knows that real estate in Germany is expensive. But how expensive? The mission of Scoperty is to make pricing in the real estate market more clear and transparent. The Internet platform Scoperty contains offers for sale and estimates the value of objects that are not yet offered. The user can enter the address and get an estimate of the possible selling price. We were developing the client part as part of the MVP, after launch, during the growth and expansion of the startup. The front-end of the service is built using, the main tool of the user is the map. Our team customized the Google Maps map and implemented it into the project, the logic of cluster rendering is integrated to the map. Each cluster is a specific area of a specific city in Germany with the display of the borders of the cluster and the number of real estate objects in it. This data is automatically updated for each zoom level of the map. At maximum zoom level, polygons which display the borders of real land area with real estate in it are drawn instead of clusters. As the backend technology we've used Django + AWS Cognito.

What was done

Frontend development using and customization of Google Maps.

For this service, we implemented:

  • clusters and polygons drawing on Google maps; 
  • dynamic changes of data on the map in accordance with the selected zoom level and filter;
  • a user profile; 
  • the real-time chat; 
  • authorization and user registration with AWS Cognito service integration.

Users have the ability to: 

  • register in the system under different roles - owner, realtor, buyer; 
  • sell, rent, buy real estate; 
  • search for real estate on a map of Germany with any of the available zoom levels; 
  • view detailed information about any property: photo, price, year of construction and so on; 
  • save objects; 
  • use your personal account to view information about your objects.

Sebastian Frenzel

CPO at Scoperty

This was our first experience with a remote team we’d never met and we’re happy with the work they’ve provided. DUNICE let us know when someone would be going on vacation, which was convenient. They seem to be a small team that always wants to prove that they can deliver well. In comparison to large corporate companies in this area, DUNICE behaved like a startup – giving all they could in order to work things out and deliver everything. From my point of view, when it comes to IT contractors, they’re surely one of the better ones. We’ve had a lot more problems with IT companies situated in Western Europe, even when we were close by and spoke the same language. There was a language barrier and a time difference, and we never met their team in person, yet the collaboration still worked well. They delivered good work for the time we gave them.
The team

3 Backend Developers

3 Frontend Developers

1 Project Manager

1 Designer

1 System Architect

2 QA specialists

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