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Search portal that helps to find sports professionals and book a consultation with a specialist.

Our task was to create a platform for people involved in sports at a professional level. Each registered athlete or trainer has the opportunity to seek help from the portal’s specialists and receive scientific and methodological advice. The system allows you to initiate communication or makes it possible to publish a request and choose from the responding candidates. The service also contains information about upcoming sports conferences. The front-end part of the project was developed using Vue.js + Vuex, and the Laravel framework was chosen for the back-end. Electronic payment processing is implemented through the Stripe API. Bookings and online schedule of trainer are updated in real-time using the WebSocket protocol.

What was done

The project was implemented as part of another service and deployed to production before the ‘big brother’.

For this service, we:

  • created a modern, responsive design and a logo;
  • implemented the ability to sign in as an athlete/coach/specialist/conference organizer;
  • set the logic of creating a request, submitting it and choosing a specialist;
  • notifications regarding the change of status by email;
  • created boards of the requests with convenient search and filtering.

Users have the opportunity:

  • try the system without registration;
  • to create their own requests for volunteers to participate in the research;
  • subscribe and receive notifications regarding requests;
  • created profile pages for specialists where they can add personal information and attach various media files;
  • contact a specialist directly;
  • leave feedback about a specialist’s work, which forms part of that specialist’s rating;
  • to see a list of all registered specialists to find the right one or filter the results;
  • create a post about the conference;
  • pay through the site via Stripe;

The team

1 Backend Developer

2 Frontend Developers

1 Project Manager

1 Designer

1 QA specialist

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