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ANEX Tour Travel Agency

Franchise portal development

Our task was to increase the loyalty of current agents and gain interest in the franchised network. As a solution, an internal portal (extranet) for the franchise was developed. The system contains information and tools for solving everyday tasks for agents, such as: obtaining relevant information on countries, service partners, trainings and various promotions; prompt support service of the management company; sales performance analytics. The project was implemented using technologies: Laravel for developing the back-end part and jQuery for the front-end part. Yandex.Handbook, cloud CRM system and a comprehensive automation system of the tour operator SAMO-tour are integrated into the portal.

What was done

Development of a personal account for B2B clients using Laravel, jQuery, Bootstrap 4

For the service we have implemented:

  • integration with the SAMO-tour service for sales analytics
  • content management for user profiles
  • integration with, a cloud-based CRM system for travel agencies
  • mail relay integration of mailgun service
  • Integration with the Yandex.Handbook service.

Users have the ability to:

  • receive relevant information from the management company on a regular basis(reference information on countries, partners and ways of interacting with them)
  • track the dynamic ranking of network agencies
  • order souvenirs from the catalog for sales offices
  • receive information about sales plans and monitor their implementation

The team

2 FullStack Developers

1 Project Manager

1 Designer

1 System Architect

1 QA specialist

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