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Lessons from Legends

Educational platform

This project was implemented from scratch. Our task was to create an Internet portal that provides access to online masterclasses. The front-end part of the project was implemented using React/Redux Saga, the back-end part was developed with Node.js/Express.js. Users get access to courses by paid subscription, Yandex.Kassa is used as a payment system. In addition to the main site, the admin panel + CRM are implemented. After uploading the video on the admin panel, it converts to several resolutions using AWS Media Convert. Videos are saved on AWS S3. Also, admin can send email messages to users with the integrated Mailgun service.

What was done

For this service, we implemented: 

  • user account; 
  • different options of user registration (mail, social networks, site form); 
  • guest entry to access lesson trailers without registration and payment; 
  • payment of courses through the Yandex.Kassa service; 
  • protection against unauthorized video downloads. 

Users have the ability to: 

  • get acquainted with the list of teachers, course categories, get information about the platform and cost without creating a profile; 
  • choose a payment method for any convenient period of study; 
  • present the course, in case the user has account and paid course; 
  • edit personal data in the profile and view the material covered in their courses; 
  • subscribe to the portal newsletter; 
  • receive the necessary information using messages on the platform or using contact information; 
  • create notes during the lessons and have access to them in the future, notes are added to a specific video and video time.

Egor Fedotov

СEO at Lessons from Legends

We contacted the Dunice company with the task to create a training Internet platform with an unlimited number of courses and lessons available by subscription, or a one-time sale. We were satisfied with all the developers Dunice provided us as they provided high-quality work on time and efficiently, at every stage of development. Many and many thanks to the Dunice company. We fully recommend this company for the development and management of any of your projects!
The team

2 FullStack Developers

1 Project Manager

1 Designer

1 System Architect

1 QA specialist

1 Mobile Developer

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