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A web portal development for the experts on luxury African safaris

Our main goals for the Safari project were to modernize the application and increase the speed of the loading pages. To achieve these goals, the site’s engine was ported from PHP to Django (Python). Also, a new architecture and database structure based on the PostgreSQL were developed. Initially, the front-end part of the project was written using the jQuery library and AngularJS. While working on the new UX/UI design of the application, we also applied Bootstrap and Material Design to the front end, which helped increase the development speed. A CI/CD pipeline was also implemented to perform automated project builds and to run unit tests for fresh changes to the project. Increased page-loading speed was provided by client caching through an Nginx web server for images and CSS/Javascript files. As the work progressed, we integrated the ability to get detailed statistics on user actions using Google Analytics.

What was done

We ported the current PHP site to Django/Python, updated the design and increased the page-loading speed.

For this service, we implemented:

  •  a new database using PostgreSQL DBMS;
  •  the dynamic display of content on the numbers page;
  •  a higher speed of page loading;
  •  purchases integrated with the client CRM;
  •  detailed notifications about new orders and targeted user actions.

Users have the ability to:

  •  book tours to popular African destinations;
  •  view detailed information about each of the proposed tours (description, photo, video, reviews);
  •  seek advice from online specialists without leaving the site;
  •  view prices and select and book a room on the convenient dates;
  •  be aware of the latest events via the safari newsfeed.

Alexis Boshoff

CEO at

One of the best developers I've ever worked with by a long shot.
The team

2 Backend Developers

1 Frontend Developer

1 Project Manager

1 System Architect

1 QA specialist

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