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A complete UI redesign and front-end implementation using React.js

Prior to our work on the Pressfeed project, the client part of the website had been implemented using the jQuery library. Our goal was to modernize the application by updating the design and adding new features for users. Our team rebuilt the application’s front end using React.js + Redux, with an SCSS preprocessor for the CSS styles. React Select and DraftJS libraries were configured in the project’s structure (converting BBCode to HTML and vice versa). Also, real-time chat was added for user communication ( library, WebSocket protocol).

What was done

We were tasked with redesigning the site, upgrading the technology stack and implementing new features for users.

For this service, we implemented:

  •  the ability to search for media publications;
  •  the ability to search for experts;
  •  chats;
  •  full-text search;
  •  registration and login via SMS;
  •  a blog.

Users have the ability to:

  •  suggest topics for media publications;
  •  receive an invitation to become an expert;
  •  set up personal subscriptions to targeted media;
  •  provide products for media reviews in exchange for references in materials and broadcasts;
  •  check statistics (publications, queries, number of media);
  •  contact support;
  •  customize the newsfeed;
  •  access a virtual PR manager;
  •  find an invoice for publications and participation in television and radio programs;
  •  find a specialist in a specific field of knowledge.

Сonstantine Bocharskiy

CEO at Pressfeed

We are very happy with Dunice's work. It's not only a good quality of work, but it's also a high level of management, a caring approach to customers and a great work organization. Also, I'd like to point out a very clear and transparent working process. We'd love to continue working with Dunice.
The team

2 Frontend Developers

1 Project Manager

1 Designer

1 QA specialist

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